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Viper Records’ first female artist Amanda Kravat releases ‘AK’. ‘AK’ chronicles Kravat’s time in exile, detailing her father’s death and the resulting panic attacks on the strong album opener “Not Myself Today.” On the piano ballad that follows, “I Could Tell You I Don’t Love You,” Kravat opens her heart and soul, confronting the devastation of a broken relationship. As the EP progresses, you ride along with Kravat as she finds strength in “Wouldn’t Be This” and answers in the cleverly-penned closer “Somebody Else Is Driving.”

With the swagger of The Rolling Stones and the vocal delivery of Aimee Mann, Amanda Kravat sounds as strong as she did 20 years ago. If ‘AK” is a rebirth of this talented singer/songwriter, let’s hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. (sourse:

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Tracklist 4 tracks

  • 1Not Myself Today
  • 2I Could Tell You I Don't Love You
  • 3Wouldn't Be This
  • 4Somebody Else Is Driving

About Amanda Kravat

Artist-songwriter Amanda Kravat is a rare blend of insightful, emotional, deep and exuberant, all dolled up to match her bright orange hair. The NY-based songwriter/performer/rockerchick is a jack-of-many-trades who has toured with Aerosmith (Steven Tyler, after hearing Kravat’s songs, decided to take her on an Aerosmith tour, with her former band Marry Me Jane, and he also sang on their album).

Featuring the lyrical depth of Aimee Mann, the pop cool of Sheryl Crow, the confident stance of Chrissie Hynde, and the over-the-top style of Steven Tyler, Kravat recorded her upcoming Viper debut EP live-to-2” tape at famed Magic Shop in NYC. Magnetic, witty and melodic, the foursong EP suggests glimmers of Cheap Trick, Semisonic, Neil Finn and more. The EP was mixed by Mark Saunders (David Byrne, David Bowie, The Cure, Neneh Cherry).

Kravat has written the music for five motion pictures, and released two albums on Sony/550 with her band MMJ, before going solo with her indie debut Wrong All Day (which ranked #1 on five different Amazon charts).  Critics have said she “recalls the likes of Sheryl Crow, Aimee Mann and Tori Amos,” and over the years she has been featured in Billboard Magazine, on CNN, in The Village Voice, NY
Daily News and scores of other outlets.
Recently signed to Viper Records, Kravat looks forward to the release of her Viper debut EP later this year. Tour dates will be announced soon.