Mohammad Dangerfield

Mohammad Dangerfield

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  1. Express Intro
  2. Mo Danger
  3. Hero Sandwich
  4. Deep Shadows
  5. The Gospel
  6. Rhyme Like No One
  7. See You Again
  8. Break Of Star Ft. Immortal Technique
  9. Mo Danger Intermission
  10. Valley Of The Kings
  11. Truly Yours Ft I.Mpac
  12. The BBQ Joint Ft Kendal
  13. Generation Kill Ft Decora
  14. One The Creep Ft Swave Sevah
  15. Unredeemed 02:57
  16. Wrek Center Ft DJ Disco Wiz, Poisen Pen, Bad Sportt, Baron, Phaseone & Majesty
  17. Rodney Outro

Product Description

Mohammad Dangerfield is formed by Rugged N Raw and Hasan Salaam and the album is NYC & NJ in a truly Hip-Hop mix of the good and bad experiences in life – equal parts political and lyrical. Featuring appearances from Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, Drue Davis, Phase One, Majesty and I.Mpaq

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