New Video: Constant Flow – Ascension

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Aug 18, 2014


Fans of cats who can straight spit and provide some insight within their bars should familiarize themselves with Constant Flow. He’s a New Jersey rapper who recently signed to Immortal Technique‘s label, Viper Records, and he’s hopping on our radar with “Anatomy of a Revolutionary.” It’s the lead single off his upcoming project Ascension, which definitely gets off to a strong start with this beyond-fiery and passionate cut. Read more

Aug 07, 2014

NYT editorial board called for the end of the federal prohibition on Marijuana

As the rest of the country gradually comes to terms with it’s overwhelming benefits, NY is surprisingly slow on the take. Recently, however, the NYT editorial board called for the end of the federal prohibition on Marijuana, and spoke out loud what most of us are thinking. Read more

Aug 02, 2014

An Interview with Award-Winning Author Warren Lehrer

IP got the chance to speak with award-winning author Warren Lehrer about his incredibly unique novel, A Life in Books: The Rise and Fall of Bleu Mobley (Goff Books), which follows the career of fictional author Bleu Mobley all the way through youth to success, fame, and eventual downfall…. Read more

Jul 16, 2014


‘Reaching’, a thought-provoking new track by singer-songwriter P.J. Pacifico, shines a light on the ‘selfies’ culture and suggests that we should be building real-world memories instead of the disposable ones sent from touchscreen- to-touchscreen.

“One of my favorite songs of the year. An absolute must listen.” – Greg Robson,

P.J. Pacifico – Reaching

Performed by Garrison Starr and P.J. Pacifico

Garrison Starr & PJ Pacifico – Gin & Juice

Immortal Technique, CF, Torae freestyle on DJ Eclipse’s Rap Is Outta Control

Rap is Outta Control

Revolution Of Immortal Technique trailer

(R)evolution of Immortal Technique – trailer

Immortal Technique – Point Of No Return

Immortal Technique – Point of no Return

Immortal Technique on Alex Jones

Immortal Technique on Alex Jones

Immortal Technique – Toast To The Dead (promo)

Immortal Technique Promo

Akir & Immortal Technique – Treason/Apocalypse


Old Tech/Southpaw footage from early Viper Studios days

early days at viper

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Immortal Technique

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Immortal Technique

TBA, Providence, RI, 09/13/2014
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Oaktopiafest, Denton, TX, 09/20/2014
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Immortal Technique

Best Buy Theatre, 1515 Broadway, New York City, NY , 10/30/2014
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P.J. Pacifico

The Jetties, Nantucket, MA - US, 08/29/2014

P.J. Pacifico

The Jetties, Nantucket, MA - US, 08/30/2014