ABout The Combine

In times where musical fusion and genre-bending is the norm, songwriters can thrive in various lanes. Triune and E.Q, known collectively as Los Angeles-birthed duo The Combine, are living proof that Hip Hop and R&B can blend harmoniously. Their album Ambition, released March 2022 in partnership with Viper Records, is a testament to creative minds effortlessly joining new era sounds with influences of timeless music.

Lyricist Triune and vocalist E.Q spent much of their lives building solid reputations as solo artists and entrepreneurs, and eventually brought their collective talents together in 2016 as The Combine. With their hometown of Los Angeles as the backdrop, and an array of creative activity under their belts, E.Q and Triune decided to merge two of their prominently shared passions: music and sports. Their journey grew as they focused on creating soundtracks for sports visuals, and quickly gained success with numerous high profile licensing placements in the televised sports world.

The Combine released the single "Park The Whip” featuring Kace The Producer in 2020, and the catchy track was featured in a CBS Sports segment on Deshaun Watson. "All Good" was featured in a Fox Sports NFL Sunday Morning segment on Jalen Ramsey. Both tracks appear on Ambition, although fans can anticipate a broad spectrum of topics on the album.

While The Combine's single "All Good" is a bouncing, anthemic song inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle's tireless work to better the community, their follow-up single "Cold Day in Hell" brings battle icon Head Ice to the table for a formidable, darkly seasoned track paying homage to East Coast legends. Adding some fun, "More" and "Foreign Plugs" deliver messages of appreciation for the finer things in life.

With Ambition, music lovers will enjoy a contagious blend of lyrical Hip Hop and smooth R&B, soulfully merged over neck-breaking beats, ripe with memorable hooks. The project is a perfect fit for Viper Records' legacy of delivering classic art for the culture.

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